The ISL Difference


The Pointe at Lifespring Senior Living, as managed by Integral Senior Living, will be a senior living community created to bring life back to the greatest generation.  While East Tennessee is blessed to have many options for senior living services, only one is managed by Integral Senior Living.  Integral Senior Living is proactive in protecting the vibrant culture of the company and the purposefulness of placing the residents as the focal point of all decisions.  Their business model is to truly be person-centered, resident- focused.  Amazingly, all of the key management team continue to be involved in day to day activities among the 55+ ISL properties across the nation.  This allows the management team to keep the focus on our purpose for existence…. The Residents.

The goal of Integral Senior Living is “not to be the biggest, but to be the best in providing quality senior living,” stated by CEO/CFO, Collette Valentine.  In order to keep our senior living communities the best they can be, we must be able to keep the ISL culture completely intact.  This corporate culture is something that begins at the very top and works its way into the lives of every single resident across the nation.  This culture is defined and exemplified through our 12 Culture Keepers.

  1. Be passionate about what you do every day.
  2. Have fun and work hard.
  3. Work smarter, not harder.
  4. Want to come to work every day.
  5. Accountability to walking the walk.
  6. If you have a problem, bring a solution with you too.
  7. We are a company of common sense, keep it simple.
  8. Take your work seriously, but yourself not so seriously.
  9. Take something ordinary and make it fun.
  10. Be a positive advocate for change.
  11. Love communities for everything they are and everything they are not.
  12. Never settle for good enough, good is the enemy of great.

Many of these Culture Keepers are common phrases and terms used throughout life, but by adapting them into the DNA of our company, they are on the foremost of thought in all things!  Each community is rewarded on how they demonstrate these Culture Keepers within their communities.

While The Pointe at Lifespring Senior Living would love the opportunity to serve every family in northeast Knoxville, we understand that we are not the best fit for everyone.  Our desire is to understand each person’s situation and then meet each need as they arise.  If we cannot directly provide for the need, we will definitely connect each family with the resource who can.  We consider it an honor to serve the greatest generation!  Call us today if you or someone you love is in need of extra assistance in their golden years vibrantly!

For more information about The Pointe at Lifespring or Integral Senior Living, go to or, call 865.687.5353 or email Heather Haley at